Hypnosis for Anxiety

Do you suffer from the agonies of anxiety? Can you feel your heart pounding when you walk into a room? Do your hands shake when you’re forced to speak to someone you don’t know? Do you find it hard to catch your breath when feelings of dread roll over you ?

The Truth

Anxiety is Good - That’s right, every behavior has a positive intention. Even though it may not seem rational, your anxiety has a very good evolutionary purpose. It’s certainly useful to feel anxious when we sense danger. Yet, the problem arises when we begin to over-generalize this strategy and feel anxious in situation that we really have no need to feel anxious about.

You have mastered it – That’s right, YOU mastered it. I always congratulate my clients for having mastered this feeling. It may sound silly, but this is precisely what you’ve done.

Be The Driver

Do you want to control your anxiety naturally? Do you want to put an end to the feelings of unfounded fear and uncontrollable panic you have been experiencing?

There is a way that you can control your anxiety quickly, safely and naturally. By using the power of hypnosis and your unconscious mind, you can begin to take control and release yourself from anxiety and the constant fear of being afraid.

You can re-educate your sub-conscious mind using hypnosis to realize that, you are safe and to find a way to give you all the benefits the old anxiety used to give you without having to experience the unwanted stress and anxiety. Simply put, A new strategy.

Change comes from within you - Hypnotherapy helps promote your natural ability to adapt and change. Many emotional problems originate in our minds at a deeper level, so it makes sense to direct any change work where the problem lies and where it is presently maintained. Regular creative relaxation opens the ‘door to change’ and can influence the mind at much deeper levels.

You are not alone

Millions of people suffer from anxiety and some even resort to taking prescription medications to control the condition. Of course these prescriptions might work for some people, but they don’t get to the root of your anxiety – and can often just mask the problem. Instead of fixing the problems causing the anxiety, some prescription medications sweep them under the rug until they work their way back out again. In fact, most of my clients who see me for anxiety, tend to be patients who have been in therapy for a long time. They have either noticed little to no results, or have been prescribed medication that they would rather avoid. Unlike therapy, hypnosis is solution focused and you can expect to notice positive results in a short-period of time.

A dose of happiness every day

There are two kinds of happiness. There’s the happiness you feel when a bad time ends and something good comes along, or when something you have been striving for finally comes to fruition, or when an unexpected piece of good fortune comes your way. What you might call the one-off, ‘occasion linked’ type of happiness. And then there’s ‘everyday happiness.’

From which it would seem to follow that, if you want more happiness in your life, you need an awfully large amount of sheer luck on top of your efforts.But, in fact, an increased level of everyday happiness is well within your grasp.

Using powerful psychological principles and hypnotic techniques, hypnotherapy will broaden your understanding of what makes you feel happy. You will learn how to connect positive feelings with the regular occurrences and simple routines of everyday life so Happy day that you can ‘boost’ your happiness level any time.

Relaxing with hypnotherapy will in itself help you realign to the demands and reality of your life, while at the same time you build upon each session that you give yourself to increase the number and range of good feelings you can experience, whenever you want. You will have a fantastic tool for life that will stand you in good stead even when major challenges or difficulties come along.

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