Boost your Self-esteem and Self-Confidence now

Is lack of self confidence making life harder for you than it needs to be ? Do nerves make you self conscious and hesitant ?

What is Self-Esteem ?

It’s a measure of how you think and feel about yourself in relation to other people. If you always imagine other people are ‘better’ than you, you will be likely to lack confidence, feel anxious, and generally think negatively. This is actually unfair – to you! It means that you can’t really give of your best, and may find life more of a struggle than it needs

Low self confidence can make life tricky – and sometimes downright unpleasant. You don’t get the best from opportunities that come your way and you may even avoid certain situations because you simply don’t believe you can cope as well as other people.

Easier than you think

Lifting your low self esteem is easier than you think, do it right and you can feel radically better

I can’t do that. I’m no good at this. It’s my fault. That’s what low self esteem sounds like. I’m unworthy. I’m unlikeable. I’m useless. That’s what low self esteem feels like.

So how do you turn up the dial on self esteem and start to leave those miserable feelings behind?

Focus On Solutions, Not Problems

  • Building Self Esteem - learn to relax deeply and connect with the real you, by discovering your good qualities and positive experiences.
  • Stop Self Blame - understand the difference between control and influence, and discover where the real limits for responsibility are.
  • Self Acceptance - stop pretending you’re something you’re not, and accept yourself for who you are.
  • Overcome Insecurity - allow yourself to be lead through a process to improve your self image, boost your confidence and teach your imagination to work constructively for you, instead of against you.
  • Inferiority Complex - break the unhelpful habit of feeling inferior and allow yourself to calmly understand both your strengths and weaknesses.

Believe in You

People often blame themselves for not being confident, as if it was some kind of character defect. But this is a mistake. Lots of things can knock your confidence. Bad experiences, disappointments, stress, bereavement, even just being ill or having had an accident. No matter what kind of ‘character’ you have, these things – especially when they come together, which they so often do – can take all the stuffing out of you.

When you feel you’re nothing but a bundle of nerves and confusion and doubt, it can be hard to imagine that you can be relaxed and at ease and capable of doing whatever you need to do, wherever you need to do it.

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