What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural occurring state of focused attention. In a therapeutic context, hypnosis feels like a creative and relaxing daydream. When we get absorbed into this trance, we have access to resources of our inner mind that we don’t consciously have access to. The goal of hypnotherapy is to improve the quality of your life by utilizing this resourceful state to create lasting changes

Hypnosis, called by different names in different cultures and times, has been recognized for thousands of years. Hypnosis has been used in the treatment of pain, depression, anxiety, stress, smoking, alcohol, addictions, weight loss, and to overcome many other challenges. It’s also been used to by popular athletes, geniuses, and celebrities to accomplish extraordinary things.

  • Albert Einstein (1879-1955) physicist – was known to go into a trance through hypnosis every afternoon. His theory of relativity came to him during one of these sessions. He also used trance states to develop his ideas.
  • Ellen Degeneres quit smoking using hypnosis
  • Tiger Woods began seeing a hypnotist to help him to block out distractions and focus on the golf course.
  • Thomas Edison used self—hypnosis on a regular basis
  • Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore,Mark Knopfler, and Ashton Kutcher are few other well known celebrities to utilize hypnosis

Hypnosis works by bypassing your critical mind and delivering positive and constructive suggestions through hypnotic language, stories, metaphors, guided visualizations, and various other tools and NLP Patterns directly to your unconscious mind in a manner that your mind is more willing to accept. If you consider the unconscious mind to be like a child, the role of the hypnotist is the parent. As a parent, the hypnotist is trained in communicating with that child-like part of you.

Hypnosis doesn’t need to be limited to geniuses, athletes, and famous celebrities. It can benefit you and I in so many ways. Although recently more and more people are embracing hypnotherapy, many of us are still are misinformed about what hypnosis really is and how it help you.

Hypnotherapy is NOT the same as stage-hypnosis for entertainment. You can’t be made to do anything against your will. Stage hypnotism is for entertainment. Participants volunteer knowing they’ll be asked to do silly things. People that aren’t comfortable with that, don’t volunteer. Hypnotherapy offers serious therapeutic benefits. The Code of Ethics of the National Guild of Hypnotists will be strictly adhered to. While you are in this relaxing state of hypnosis, YOU are in control at all times.

In order to ensure success, during your Free Consultation, I will be performing a few tests to determine your level of suggestibility. If you are curious about hypnosis and would like to learn more about how it can help you, I really encourage you to reach out to me.


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